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Net 2. Multimedia Icons for Vista Multimedia Toolbar Icons MultiMouse - Multiple cursors 1. MultiNetwork Manager Pro 9. Multiple Choice Quiz Maker If you have always felt there are truths in astrology, but you have been disappointed by how vague and confusing traditional astrology really is, you will love the precision and accuracy of Magi Astrology. Many Traditional Astrologers have studied this chart or variations of it but no Traditional Astrologer has ever satisfactorily explained the astrological reasons why the Nazi attack on Poland was such a successful invasion, and why it marked the beginning of a lengthy and worldwide war.

In other words, by using Horoscope charts such as the one above, Traditional astrology has been disappointing. But if we redraw the above Horoscope chart into a Magi Astrology chart for the same moment of time and same location, we will actually see important astrological clues that were very hard to notice in the Traditional Horoscope chart. Mars, Uranus and Neptune formed a Grand Trine. We believe the main astrological reason why the infamous Nazi invasion was so successful is because the attack began with a Grand Trine, and one of the planets that formed the Grand Trine was Mars, the planet of war.

Poland was conquered in a matter of hours, not days. The Magi Society believes that it was the Planetary Geometry of the stars foretold what was to come. We believe that the alignments of the planets are the most important part of astrology. If you have tried to apply Traditional Astrology techniques to your own personal life but have been disappointed, perhaps it is partly because you did not take into consideration the Planetary Geometry of the stars.

The Magi Society has discovered that Planetary Geometry is the key to true love! Most of the time, Traditional Astrologers are baffled when they do not have an exact time and place of birth. But Magi Astrology allows us to do wonders even when we do not know the time and place of birth. In the type of chart above, we do not have to know the exact time and place in order to learn a great deal about the astrology of what is happening.