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When a planet occupies one of these places, is it at an astronomically significant place relative to the place earth where the chart was cast.

The Meanings of the Houses

The Ascendant is where planets rise over the horizon in the east, the MC is where they are the highest overhead that they can be, the Descendant is where they dip below the horizon in the west, and the IC is where they are the farthest below us they can be.

Each planet glyph has a number beside it: the big number indicates degrees, the small superscript number indicates minutes of longitude. To find out what sign a planet is in, mentally trace from the planet glyph to the outer ring of sign glyphs, and pair that with the degree number. To double check what sign a planet is in, check the table in the bottom left corner also doubles as a planet glyph cheat sheet!

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To find out what house a planet is in, look for the center number that coincides with the pie slice the planet occupies. In this chart, Mars is in the 10th house, and the Sun is in the 8th house. This is called the Five Degree Rule. Note: planets can be in the same sign but different houses, or the same house but different signs. It all depends on 1 where the house cusps land and 2 how big each house is. Sometimes at more extreme latitudes on earth, one house can be so big that it begins in one sign, encompasses the entire next sign, and ends in a third sign.

This is called interception. Aspects between planets are indicated by a colored line joining the two. While it seems like the shapes created by these lines should hold a lot of significance, they often do not. More than anything, they are a quick way to recognize which planets are in aspect to one another.

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  • That said, you can find aspects between planets by looking at their placement by sign and degree without even looking at the aspect lines. Try not to get caught up in the web of aspect lines , and instead look for planet aspects by counting signs. For example, in this chart, count the signs between Mercury and Pluto. If you want to double check aspects or the lines are too confusing to follow girl I get it, I hate the lines , you can use the grid in the lower right corner.

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    • This is a list of points by element and mode or modality, usually used to see what element or mode a chart has the most of by counting how many chart points belong to each element and mode. On the right side are letters that stand for Fire, Air, Earth, and Water; across the top are letter that stand for Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. That covers the anatomy of a circular chart wheel!

      Sun enters Scorpio

      Learning to interpret all the information you can get from a chart is a totally different animal, but it all starts with becoming acquainted with a circular chart and learning to read it. There are many ways to to this using transits, profections , progressions, zodiacal releasing, etc. They get bored with routine, and therefore thrive in environments that make use of their adaptability and curious mind, like communications, journalism, media, or marketing.

      How You Can Use Draconic Astrology to Better Understand Your Soul

      Cancer Midheavens are natural nurturers, with a lot of compassion and an artistic, creative approach to their work. They may have a lot of ups and downs in their career because of an innate restlessness that is caused by suppressing their emotional side. They need a career that allows them to utilize their intuition and their ability to care for others.

      They make fantastic chefs, social workers, teachers, and life coaches. Leo Midheavens go after their goals with unwavering faith in themselves; they're courageous in their choices and decisions, but should look out for an attitude of arrogance or impatience.

      They excel in careers that put them in the spotlight, or in the public eye in some way — as motivational speakers, actors, singers, or dancers. Anything that allows them to shine like the stars they are. Virgo Midheaven people have an eye for detail, and a gift for analysis and criticism.

      Rising Sign Appearance & Features

      They excel in any career that allows them to apply their perfectionistic tendencies to good use, and their interest in bettering both themselves and the world around them. Libra has a talent for presenting themselves with diplomacy and charm, as they pride themselves on their ability to seek balance. They are always out to seek justice, fairness, and equality, and are willing to fight for it if need be. They excel as lawyers, managers, judges, or couple's therapists.

      Scorpio Midheavens make it their goal in life to shine light into the darker areas of human existence that otherwise will go unknown or unnoticed. They have an innate ability to see the truth underneath the lies, or the stories we tell ourselves, and believe that exposing these truths is a difficult but necessary job.

      Houses of the Horoscope

      They make fantastic detectives, criminal psychologists, actors, or energy healers. Sagittarius Midheaven people are on. They need a career that allows them to travel to new places, explore foreign lands, and experience other ways of life in order to feed their philosophical curiosity.

      Working in imports and exports, or in a job that allows them to travel, like as a pilot or a flight attendant, or a touring musician is perfect.

      The First House

      But they will climb the ladder of success like an American Ninja Warrior, fast and furious, and rise to the top at an astronomical speed. They are born to make a name for themselves, and to make as much money as humanly possible. Natural CEOs, managers, and business moguls, they are the people the rest of us are jealous of. Above anything else, people with an Aquarius Midheaven must have freedom in their job. They prefer a job that only they can do, with their own unique set of skills, because by being the only one qualified to do their job, they can avoid having someone watching over their shoulder, telling them what to do.