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Sags are known for being impatient for and for taking shortcuts whenever possible. The highly-intellectual, deep-thinking Aquarius needs to be in an equally stimulating environment to feel free and happy. They see the world as full of possibility but need mental-stimulation to be able to express themselves fully. The selfless, creative Pisces is always inspired by others. Their compassion and intuitiveness leads them to a variety of people and places.

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Aries Name Meaning & Origin

More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! Taureans typically have a knack for making money and understanding the value of things. Catan just makes sense to them. Mercury, the planet of words and communication, presides over the signs Gemini and Virgo, who reflect this energy back to the world in different ways. Gemini is Bananagrams; Virgo is Scrabble more below.

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  7. Cancer is a sign that thinks about long term deal breakers even as they swipe around on dating apps. So, The Game of Life is the game for them. You get married, have children, and can own pets! Good Samaritan behavior is rewarded! Speed charades! Leo loves theater, drama, and pure fun!

    Urban Dictionary: AIRES

    Leos are natural performers. They tend to be creative and performative, with a good sense of humor.

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    Leo loves the spotlight, so when it shines on them during their turn in Guesstures a. Charades but with prepared options , they run with it! Sure, Gemini will go for the triple word scores too, but how are they planning to do it? Because Virgos are angling for a specific one.

    Aries motto to other signs (Made by Aries)

    Cutting their words a letter too short for you to take advantage of the other special tiles. Saving the 8 point letters for times when they can truly be of use. And a Virgo would never try to get away with a proper noun. At its heart, Apples to Apples is a game about judgment and subjectivity, and who is a better judge than Libra? Or they have a crush on you.

    Pisces Woman

    Plus, at the end, some say that the green apples you won ultimately describe you, and who better to talk about yourself with than a Libra? Clue is a murder mystery party board game practically designed for the Scorpio mind. Scorpios are analytical, suspicious, and love to decipher puzzles. They pick up on giveaways easily, and find it easy to read people. They can smell guilt like a cheap perfume. As the sign associated with death and rebirth, Scorpios are comfortable with all that is morbid and gritty in this world. Ticket to Ride is the game of dominating the world map via train, also known as strategizing your travel plans.

    Ideally, to win Longest Train, you must figure out how to hit all of your destinations in the most concise way possible.